Warranty Management Software

Offering robust warranty solutions is crucial for businesses aiming to enhance customer satisfaction. As products and appliances become more integral to daily life, customers seek assurance that their investments are protected against unforeseen failures and accidents.

Total Systems delivers a custom software solution designed to handle the complexity of warranty services management. Our aim is to empower our clients to improve their digital presence, achieve operational efficiencies, and offer a seamless experience to their customers.

Our advanced system is specifically designed to support warranty providers in:

  • Offering comprehensive breakdown cover for any product that fails within the warranty period, covering parts and labour for necessary repairs.
  • Providing accidental damage coverage, usually underwritten by an insurer, ensuring products are repaired or replaced if unrepairable.
  • Streamlining the entire warranty management lifecycle, from policy issuance to claim resolution.
  • Facilitating efficient premium calculation for both breakdown cover and accidental damage based on the item purchased.
  • Managing policy control, including the issuance of new policies and adjustments to existing policies through our robust Policy module.
  • Ensuring payment control that is PCI compliant, covering both policy and claims processing.
  • Overseeing claim administration, including repair claim processing, through our comprehensive Claim Control module.
  • Coordinating organisational control, allowing for the management of branches that contribute to sales and claims processing.
  • Implementing functionality for customer follow-up, including a month-one follow-up (MOFU) to reassess customer satisfaction and coverage needs, as well as an Anniversary follow-up to engage customers one year after purchase.

Total Systems have exceeded our expectations. It is always a pleasure to work with developers and technical teams who have good insurance knowledge and share our passion for customer delight.

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Warranty Claims Management Software – Policy and Claim Features

Delivering precise and efficient service is paramount. Providers are challenged to offer solutions that not only meet the specific warranty needs of each product but also streamline the management process for businesses and customers alike.

Our Warranty Management software simplifies the policy and claims management process, enabling providers to swiftly administer new policies, adjust existing ones, and process claims with efficiency and accuracy.

Our software is engineered to provide the agility and flexibility needed to manage a wide range of warranty services, creating opportunities for process optimisation and automation in policy adjustments and claim handling. This benefits businesses by allowing for more efficient operations and provides customers with a seamless warranty experience

Specialised Warranty Software

Our Warranty Management software, significantly enhances your operational capabilities, granting your team the tools to manage policies, process payments securely, and handle claims effectively without the usual challenges associated with manual processes.

With user-friendly tools and modules, managing warranty services becomes streamlined, enabling rapid adjustments to policies, secure and compliant handling of payments, and efficient processing of claims.

Our software is designed to adeptly manage the intricate needs of warranty management, significantly reducing the potential for errors and enhancing decision-making processes.

Benefits include:

  • A comprehensive Policy module for managing new and existing policies with ease.
  • PCI-compliant Payment Control covering both policy issuance and claims processing.
  • A detailed Claim Control module for administering claim processing and repair management.
  • Workflow functionality for customer engagement, enabling automated follow up for chase processing scenarios by desired output methods, printed, email or SMS text etc.
  • Dynamic document generation, processing, and management tailored to warranty management requirements.

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Why Choose Total Systems

Total Systems is a leading technology and software provider in the warranty management industry, with a reputation for delivering comprehensive solutions and agile systems. Our adaptability, combined with a deep understanding of the warranty management process, forms the basis of the trusted relationships we build with our clients.

Designed for versatility, our software provides seamless integration with existing business processes, fitting effortlessly into your technological ecosystem. Its modular structure ensures it can adapt to the evolving landscape of warranty management, reflecting the changing needs of your business and your customers.