Travel Insurance Software Solutions

The travel industry demands insurance providers who can offer innovative, reliable, and comprehensive insurance products tailored to the diverse and changing needs of travellers. Whether for leisure, business, adventure, or cultural exploration, travellers seek peace of mind through insurance solutions as varied as their destinations.

Total Systems delivers a tailor-made software solution to travel insurance providers and
MGAs that simplifies the complexity of travel insurance management. We aim to
empower our clients to enhance their online presence, achieve operational efficiencies,
and deliver a frictionless experience to their customers.

Our advanced system is specifically designed to address the intricate demands of travel
insurance providers, enabling them to:

● Simplify the entire travel insurance lifecycle, from quote to claim
● Facilitate omnichannel distribution to reach travellers wherever they are
● Implement insurance-as-a-service models for flexible travel insurance solutions
● Develop and support diverse travel insurance packages, including annual, single-
trip, and custom-tailored plans
● Transform traditional travel insurance offerings to meet current travel trends
● Focus on customer-centric strategies for superior traveller satisfaction


Our bluescape platform revolutionises the travel insurance sector by automating the detailed process of generating quotes and issuing policies efficiently.

This significantly reduces the time from the initial inquiry to policy issuance, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational productivity.

“When we were looking for a partner to help us develop a game- changing approach to the way income protection is presented to consumers, we
needed a company that not only offered the next generation technology, but also could deliver real innovation. Total Systems have exceeded our expectations”

A Client

Travel Insurance Software – Quotation Management

In the competitive world of travel insurance, delivering accurate and personalised quotes is critical. Providers are challenged to offer solutions that not only meet the exact needs of each traveller but also reflect the unique risks associated with their travel plans.

As travel habits evolve and new risks emerge, from global health concerns to changes in international travel regulations, travellers expect their insurance providers to offer precise quotations and coverage that align with their dynamic travel needs.

Our Travel Insurance quoting software streamlines the quote generation and management process, enabling providers to quickly launch new, tailored insurance policies to the market.

The bluescape platform is engineered to bring the agility and flexibility of the online personal insurance market to the travel insurance sector, opening up opportunities for process optimisation and automation in the customer/broker/MGA/insurer value chain. This benefits brokers by allowing faster access to policies and MGAs/insurers by enabling brokers to manage specific functions within given authority limits. Customers enjoy the benefits of full self-service from quote to renewal.

This efficiency extends across the customer acquisition phase, broker integration, policy renewal, and account settlement, with comprehensive dashboards providing a holistic view of operations.

Specialised Underwriting Software for Travel Insurance

Making swift underwriting decisions in the niche travel insurance market is vital to staying competitive. Our travel insurance underwriting software, bluescape, greatly accelerates your time to market, giving your team the tools to configure, test, and launch new rating and underwriting rules without the usual delays associated with IT development.

With user-friendly configuration tools, modifying your rating and underwriting guidelines is straightforward, enabling rapid deployment of new pricing models and criteria with minimal IT involvement.

Bluescape is crafted to adeptly manage the complex underwriting scenarios unique to travel insurance, significantly reducing errors and enhancing decision-making processes.

Benefits include:

  • A Customer Portal for a seamless quote, buy and administration experience
  • A Broker Portal for simplified broker interactions
  • User-controlled rates, rules, tables, and algorithms
  • Customisable underwriting rules, including referrals, endorsements, and limits
  • A comprehensive suite for testing by business users
  • An advanced back-office underwriting suite
  • KPI Dashboards for real-time performance tracking
  • Dynamic document generation, processing, and management tailored to each transaction type.

Why Choose Total Systems as your  insurance software provider?

Total Systems has supported businesses for over fifty years, boasting insurance software solutions that marry flexibility with unrivalled customer support.

Our adaptability and understanding of our clients’ unique requirements underpin our longstanding customer relationships.

Our bluescape platform is crafted for versatility and flexibility, offering smooth integration with other specialised solutions to augment your current technological ecosystem. Its modular architecture guarantees adaptability, ensuring it can grow and adjust to your business’s evolving demands.