Our software has been developed to deliver speed to market by configuration, flexibility, reduced costs, improved service, greater business visibility and control, rapid and ease of implementation.

The system is designed to handle multiple quotes, for multiple products from multiple insurers, in multiple currencies, across multiple jurisdictions to deliver a truly global online insurance solution.
Our success stories cover a multitude of products to include:
  • Health Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

  • Warranty Insurance

  • Commercial Lines

  • Aggregation

  • Home Insurance

  • Motor Insurance, including Fleet

  • Marine Insurance

  • Income Protection

And here's how we have improved the bottom line for some of our clients:

Customer engagement

  • 26% uplift in on-line activity in a prime target sector

  • 15% uplift in sales conversions

  • 66% of sales included two or more products

  • Significant increases in customer engagement


  • 100 million quotations a month - on one server

  • 40+ million payment collections per annum

  • Half a million offer documents generated on a single night

  • Locate any client, policy, claim or quote sub-second

Innovation in action.

An increasing number of on-line insurance customers put 'speed of result' as their most important requirement. However, all too often, generating that result is getting slower as question sets increase.

Total Systems developed a unique instant quote tool for protection products – anything from simple life to a complex mix of life, critical illness and income protection products across several providers. This has proved itself to be a real ‘game changer’ by presenting on-line users with the price instantly, and allowing them to change combinations as often as they like before deciding to buy, taking customer experience to a new level of excellence.

And this is only one example of an application designed to deliver.

Just think – Innovation driven by your imagination!

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