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Pet insurance is more popular than ever, and with almost 60% of UK homes now owning a pet, many insurers are looking to enter the world of pet insurance or expand their existing policy offerings.

The pet care world has undergone significant changes recently, with pet owners seeking more competitive and flexible insurance solutions to cover their furry, feathered, or scaled friends. Pet insurance companies that can swiftly adapt to the changing needs of pet owners and their pets are poised for success in this growing market.

Total Systems delivers a tailored solution that integrates various aspects of pet insurance management, aiding our clients in expanding their digital footprint, reducing costs, and ensuring a streamlined customer experience.

Our customised system is designed to meet the comprehensive needs of pet insurers and assist them in:

  • Streamlining the entire pet insurance lifecycle, from initial quote to claim resolution.
  • Facilitating multichannel distribution to reach pet owners across various touchpoints.
  • Delivering insurance as a service models tailored for pet owners.
  • Supporting and enhancing subscription-based pet insurance packages..
  • Positioning themselves as client-centric pet insurance providers

The bluescape platform is revolutionising pet insurance businesses by automating the intricate process of generating pet insurance quotes and policies. This leads to a significant reduction in the time required to issue a quote from the first request, enhancing both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Total Systems have exceeded our expectations. It is always a pleasure to work with developers and technical teams who have good insurance knowledge and share our passion for customer delight.

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Pet Insurance Software – Quotation Management

In the UK’s competitive pet insurance sector, delivering precise, accurate quotes is essential. As a pet insurance provider, you shoulder the responsibility to offer quotes that are not only exact but also customised, reflecting each pet’s specific risk profile and the unique needs of the pet owner.

As new challenges emerge, whether they’re related to breed-specific health issues, lifestyle changes, or advancements in veterinary care, your clients expect you to provide accurate quotations and coverage that address their pets’ evolving needs.

Our Pet Insurance quoting software streamlines the quote generation and management process, enabling you to introduce new insurance policies to the market swiftly.

This opens up opportunities for streamlining processes and automating the interactions in the customer/broker/MGA/insurer value chain.. This benefits customers and brokers, who can access what they need promptly, and MGAs/insurers, who can delegate specific functions to brokers within set authority limits.

This efficiency spans the entire lifecycle of customer acquisition, broker onboarding, policy renewal, and account settlement. Comprehensive dashboards offer a shared view of performance metrics and operational insights.

Pet Underwriting Software

Agility in underwriting decisions is vital in the pet insurance industry. Our pet insurance underwriting software, bluescape, is a solution that dramatically speeds up your market entry, empowering teams to configure, test, and launch new rating and underwriting rules, steps, and rates without the usual IT development holdups.

Thanks to its intuitive, windows-based configuration tools, adjusting your rating and underwriting policies is straightforward. This allows you to implement new rating guidelines, sequences, and pricing models with minimal to no development delay.

Bluescape is engineered to proficiently manage even the most complex underwriting scenarios in pet insurance, significantly reducing the potential for human error.


Benefits Include:

  • A Customer Portal for a seamless quote, buy and administration experience
  • A Broker Portal for broker self-service
  • User-configured rates, rules, tables, and algorithms
  • User-defined underwriting rules, including referrals, endorsements, section limits, and excesses
  • A comprehensive testing suite for business users
  • A sophisticated back-office underwriting suite
  • KPI Dashboards for real-time insights

5 star technology and software provider

Why Choose Total Systems

Total Systems stands as a 5-star technology and software provider with a reputation spanning fifty years for our comprehensive expertise and agile systems in the insurance industry. Our adaptability, combined with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, forms the basis of the trusted relationships we build.

Designed for versatility, our bluescape platform provides seamless integration with other niche solutions, fitting effortlessly into your existing tech ecosystem. Its modular structure ensures it can adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the pet insurance market, reflecting the evolving needs of your business and your clients.