Niche Insurance Software Solutions

The insurance industry has seen an influx of specialised and niche insurance demands. Providers who can deftly adapt to the unique needs of niche markets—be it pet insurance, caravan insurance or travel insurance for extreme sports—are better positioned to flourish in this segmented landscape.

Total Systems offers insurers and MGAs in niche markets a custom-built solution that combines diverse aspects of niche insurance management. We facilitate our clients in widening their digital reach, achieving cost efficiency, and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Our specialised system is devised to meet the nuanced needs of niche insurers and enables them to:

  • Streamline the complete niche insurance lifecycle
  • Enable multichannel distribution strategies
  • Provide insurance-as-a-service models specific to niche markets
  • Support and augment subscription-based niche insurance plans
  • Innovate traditional insurance models to suit niche markets

Our bluescape platform is a game-changer in the industry, automating complex processes related to generating niche insurance quotes and policies. This dramatically reduces the timeframe between initial query and issuing a quote.

We’ve been delighted with the progress of the work that the people at Total Systems are doing for us. They are professional, knowledgeable, diligent and experts in their field

Gareth Smith, IT Director - Caravan Guard

Quotation Management for Niche Insurance Providers

In the UK’s diverse and specialised insurance industry, delivering accurate and tailored quotes is a vital part of setting your insurance business apart.

As a provider in a niche insurance market, you’re tasked with creating quotes that are both accurate and customised to reflect each client’s unique risk profile and specific needs.

Whether the challenges arise from technological advancements, lifestyle changes, or new legislative frameworks, your clients expect you to provide pinpoint quotations and coverage that adapt to their constantly changing needs.

Our Niche Insurance quoting software enables efficient quote creation and management, allowing you to rapidly introduce innovative insurance products tailored for niche markets.

The bluescape platform has been engineered to offer the agility and flexibility previously found only in larger, mainstream markets. Opportunities for process streamlining and automation between brokers, MGAs, and insurers are abundant This is mutually beneficial; brokers can obtain policies more swiftly, and MGAs/insurers can delegate responsibilities where authority limits allow.

This applies throughout the entire customer engagement lifecycle, from acquisition and broker integration to renewals and account settlements. Comprehensive dashboards provide an integrated view of overall performance.

Specialised Underwriting Software

Adaptability in underwriting decisions is crucial in niche insurance sectors. Our niche insurance underwriting software, bluescape, accelerate your market entry considerably. It equips your team with the capability to set up, test, and launch new rating and underwriting protocols and rates without the typical IT development bottlenecks.

Thanks to its intuitive, Windows-based tools, altering your rating and underwriting norms is straightforward, enabling you to deploy new pricing models and rating criteria with minimal developmental delays.

bluescape is designed to capably manage even the most intricate underwriting scenarios specific to niche markets, thereby significantly reducing the potential for human error.


Advantages include:

  • A Broker Portal for streamlined broker interaction
  • User-administered rates, rules, tables, and algorithms
  • User-managed underwriting protocols, including referrals, endorsements, and specific limits
  • A comprehensive testing environment for business users
  • A sophisticated back-office underwriting suite
  • KPI Dashboards for performance monitoring
  • Dynamic document generation, processing, and management according to transaction type.

Why Choose Total Systems

With over 50 years of experience, Total Systems is known for offering niche insurance software that blends agility with excellent customer service.

Our reputation for offering adaptability combined with our in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients is the reason why our customers stay with us long term.

Designed to be versatile and flexible, our bluescape platform offers seamless integration capabilities with other niche solutions, further enhancing your existing tech infrastructure. The modular design ensures that it is adaptable and able to evolve with changing needs within your business.