Home Insurance Software Provider

The landscape of home ownership and property management has seen significant shifts recently, leading to a surge in demand for competitive and adaptable insurance solutions. Home insurance companies that are nimble and respond swiftly to the fluctuating requirements of homeowners are the ones most likely to thrive in this competitive market.

Our bespoke system is designed to address the diverse needs of home insurers and aids them in:

  • Refining the entire home insurance lifecycle
  • Enabling multichannel distribution
  • Offering insurance as a service models
  • Augmenting and supporting subscription-based home insurance packages
  • Rethinking traditional home insurance approaches
  • Becoming a client-focused home insurance provider

Total Systems have exceeded our expectations. It is always a pleasure to work with developers and technical teams who have good insurance knowledge and share our passion for customer delight.

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Home Insurance Software – Quotation Management

In the UK’s competitive home insurance market, delivering precise, accurate quotes is crucial. As a home insurance provider, you have the duty to produce quotes that are not only precise but also customised, mirroring each individual homeowner’s specific risk profile and property needs.

As fresh homeowner concerns arise, be it related to property value fluctuations, natural calamities, or legislative changes, your clients expect you to be equipped to offer accurate quotations and coverage that aligns with their evolving housing needs.

Our Home Insurance quoting software facilitates efficient quote creation and management, empowering you to introduce new insurance offerings into the market swiftly.

The bluescape insurance platform is tailored to offer the adaptability and agility previously exclusive to the online personal insurance market to the home insurance sector. Increasing opportunities exist to simplify procedures and automate the broker/MGA or broker/insurer interaction. This benefits both brokers, who receive what they desire promptly, and MGAs/insurers, who can delegate tasks to brokers when authority limits allow.

This is relevant from the inception of customer engagement and broker integration, through to renewal and account settlement. Comprehensive dashboards present a unified view of performance.


Household Insurance Underwriting Software

Flexibility in underwriting decisions can be pivotal for your business. Our home insurance underwriting software, bluescape, is a software solution which significantly speeds up your market entry, enabling teams to establish, test, and introduce new rating and underwriting norms, procedures, and rates, bypassing the usual IT development wait times.

Its user-friendly, windows-based tools make adjusting your rating and underwriting guidelines a breeze. This allows you to establish, test, and implement new rating parameters, sequences, and pricing structures with little to no development hindrance.

Bluescape is adeptly crafted to effectively handle even the most intricate of underwriting procedures and scenarios, greatly diminishing human errors.

Advantages include:

  • A Broker Portal for broker self-service
  • User-managed rates, rules, tables & algorithms
  • User-managed underwriting guidelines including referrals, endorsements, section limits, excesses
  • Comprehensive testing tools for business users
  • Advanced back-office underwriting suite
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Dynamic document generation, processing, and management by transaction type.

Why Choose Total Systems as your home insurance software provider?

For more than 50 years, Total Systems has helped the insurance industry to thrive, using our agile and adaptable approach.

Our reputation for truly listening to our customer needs and offering genuinely tailored solutions has seen Total Systems evolve into one of the leading tech providers in niche insurance industries.

Our bluescape platform has been designed to offer complete flexibility to integrate with other niche solutions and adapt easily into your existing tech stack. Its modular design gives you the ability to adapt as your business changes.