ULTIMA is a fully integrated insurance system encompassing the full policy lifecycle from Quotation, Underwriting, and Renewals, through to Claims and Accounting.

This means that all business processes can be supported, enabling ULTIMA customers to deliver cost effective services to their clients.

Business Configurator

Business configurator is a unique tool with Ultima which gives complete flexibility in how the ‘presentation layer’ is configured. You can define the data capture elements, and how this information is to be displayed as well as amending the look and feel of the templates to suit specific needs.

The rating structure of any insurance product can be modelled and maintained. Multiple Insurance products can be created using the templates, then maintained and copied as required, effectively ‘cloning’ insurance products. Complex business rules can be built, supporting specific business processes. The rules governing workflow and diary management can be created and easily maintained.

This provides an unrivalled capability to manage the functionality of your products ensuring they deliver against the ever-changing needs of your business.

Business Configurator provides organisations with the freedom to launch new products and develop their business into new markets with the confidence that their IT solution will fully support this.

The diversity of existing implementations illustrates how both standard and non-standard business lines are accommodated, allowing insurers the freedom and flexibility to combine both mass market and niche offerings from a single technology solution, thus realising the combined value and control that our products deliver.

Business Configurator can be used to add new, or amend existing, risk business processes (i.e. policy, claim, quote and client transactions). From the configuration of new lines of business to the positioning of fields on screens, the Business Configuration controls how the application runs on site.

All Business Configurator changes are data driven – hence no software changes are required. The business configuration changes are captured as projects in a “configuration” environment and then promoted en masse to testing, training and production environments.

Promotions can be made in advance of the requirement and will automatically ‘switch on’ at the appropriate date. Promotions to new environments do not require the environment to be brought down or its use suspended.

As a result of its functionality and flexibility, Business Configurator almost negates the need for any traditional development activity to implement deep and complex changes whilst guaranteeing the integrity of the core system.

The result: a huge reduction in the cost of ownership.

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