Total Systems are proud to support some of the leading Insurers and Warranty Providers on our Ultima system.

A fully integrated insurance system

Ultima allows you to manage multiple products on a single platform by supporting the full policy-life-cycle for all insurance and warranty products. Starting with the Quote and Buy stage, through Policy Administration and on to Claims and Accounting you can access your products, customers and their policies via the same application.

Power in your hands

Ultima gives you the flexibility to manage, change and adapt your business with little or no need for software changes. Its Business Configurator enables you to control what you offer, both how it’s presented and how it’s processed.

With Business Configurator you can:

  • Design and change the User Interface easily
  • Define the data capture fields and adapt quickly to new circumstances and changing risk
  • Amend the look and feel of the templates to suit specific needs
  • Model and maintain the rating structure of any insurance product
  • Build and refine complex business rules
  • Create and maintain workflow and diary management to support efficient business processes

The result: A huge reduction in the cost of ownership

Adapt to changing customer expectations

Ultima can support both standard and non-standard insurance lines, irrespective of business volumes. This allows you to react quickly to changes and new opportunities in the insurance market.

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