All-encompassing document configuration, generation, storage, retrieval and sharing

Powerful document management and control

Bluescape document manager organises the configuration of all documents that will be dynamically generated by the various bluescape components at run time – such as Quotation Summaries, Policy Schedules, Statements of Facts and Supplementary Wordings.

Document Repository

As well as configuring and generating documents via pre-set templates bluescape also comes with a document repository and toolset that allows any file type – video, voice, pdf etc. to be triaged via metadata and filed against a quote, policy, claim, person or business thus allowing it to be easily retrieved when needed via the portal.

  • Open

    Bluescape is provided with an API allowing you to integrate with your own document repository if preferred

  • Document desktop

    Manual allocation of metadata and management of files is available

  • Automation

    Dynamic and Static documents can be ‘packaged’ by transaction type and cover type, meaning that they can be created once and used many times in different transaction and cover type combinations –across different products and channels

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