bluescape:rating offers a unique approach by allowing you to design and launch new products and modify existing products quickly; monitor results in real time and amend underwriting rules and pricing instantly to maximise returns.
Increase speed & efficiency

bluescape:rating increases speed to market by allowing you to configure, test, and deploy new rating rules, steps and rates without the need for IT development.

A single team can control the whole process from definition to deployment across all lines of business.

Bluescape:rating will automatically handle the most complex cases and minimise human error. Integrate any third-party data easily — such as telematics, Internet of Things and drone outputs.

Easy to use

Using unique windows based configuration tools, rule management changes are easy. Configure, test, and deploy new rating rules, steps, and pricing with little or no development.

Breadth of Features

  • Organise - categorise, apply options, filter, total, handle repeating groups, translate.

  • Calculate - amounts, percentages, pro rata, formulae, scoring, capping, ranges, exchange rates.

  • Apply - excesses, endorsements, referrals, declines, notes, marketing messages.

  • Range - multi company, multi cover, multi product, multi currency all on the same platform.

Innovate your approach to digital quote and buy solutions with

The bluescape rating and business rules engine has been recognised as one of the best in the market.

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