bluescape:claims offers a unique approach by allowing you to manage one or many products with the same single module.

Total Systems recognises the importance of the claim process . A claim is the moment of truth. It is when the customer really judges the Insurer.

bluescape:claims is a customer-centric, self-service system that supports all lines of both personal and commercial insurance. It will deliver cost saving and administration efficiencies.



Design and deliver the claims process of the future

  • Comprehensive, simple and easy to use

    A range of options that put you in control of how you want claims to run, quick to model and simple to integrate.

  • One system for all lines of business

    A common consistent model able to handle all lines, regardless of the source of policy details.

  • Customer Centric

    Supported by bluescape:centricity and integrated with all your policy administration applications allows you to understand the links between customers, claimants and their associates.

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A well run claims service is the best way to ensure customers remain loyal.

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