Business Insurance Software

In today’s dynamic business environment, efficiently managing your commercial insurance process is key to staying competitive.

The world of work has been transformed in recent years, and more businesses are looking for competitive and flexible insurance solutions. Business insurance companies that are able to quickly adapt to the changing needs of organisations are most likely to succeed in this competitive sector.

Total Systems offers commercial and business insurance MGAs and insurers a bespoke solution which amalgamates various facets of business insurance management. Helping our clients to expand their digital footprint, save money and ensure a streamlined customer experience.

Our tailored system is crafted to meet the multifaceted needs of commercial insurers and help them to:

  • Streamline the entire business insurance lifecycle
  • Facilitate multichannel distribution
  • Deliver insurance as a service models
  • Augment and support subscription-based commercial and business insurance packages
  • Reinvent conventional business insurance methodologies
  • Be a client-centric commercial insurance provider

The bluescape platform is transforming the Glemham business through automation of the complex process of generating commercial quotes and policies. This results in a dramatic reduction in time taken to issue a quote from first request.

John Cross, Managing Director, Glemham Underwriting Ltd

Business insurance software – quotation management

In the UK’s competitive commercial insurance sector, delivering pinpoint, accurate quotes is imperative. As a business insurance provider, you bear the responsibility to render quotes that are not just exact but also tailored, reflecting each corporate client’s specific risk profile and business needs.

As new business threats emerge, be they related to technology, cyber threats or changes in legislation, your business customers want you to be able to provide accurate quotations and cover that suits their changing operational needs.

Our Commercial Insurance quoting software paves the way for streamlined quote generation and management, empowering you to launch new insurance products into the market at record speeds.

The bluescape insurance platform has been designed to provide agility and flexibility traditionally enjoyed by only the online personal lines market to the commercial lines sector. More and more opportunities are available for streamlining processes and automating the broker/MGA or broker/insurer relationship. This is a benefit to both brokers who can get what they want when they want it and MGA’s/insurers who can ‘outsource’ functions to brokers where authority limits permit.

This applies through the whole lifecycle of customer acquisition and broker onboarding to renewal and account settlement. Comprehensive dashboards provide a shared understanding of performance.

Commercial underwriting software

Agility in underwriting decisions can be crucial to your business. Our business insurance underwriting software, bluescape is an insurance software solution which dramatically accelerates your speed to market, giving teams the power to configure, test and launch new rating and underwriting rules, steps and rates without the typical IT development delays.

And with its intuitive, windows-based configuration tools, making changes to your rating and underwriting rules is straightforward. This means you can configure, test, and roll out new rating guidelines, sequences, and pricing models with minimal to zero development interference.

bluescape is engineered to proficiently manage even the most complex of underwriting processes and scenarios significantly reducing human error.

Benefits include:

  • A Broker Portal for broker self-service
  • User administered rates, rules, tables & algorithms
  • User administered underwriting rules including referrals, endorsements, section limits, excesses
  • Comprehensive testing suite for business users
  • Sophisticated back-office underwriting suite
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Dynamic document generation, processing and management by transaction type

Why Choose Total Systems as your business insurance software provider?

Our reputation within the insurance industry spans fifty years, anchored by our comprehensive expertise paired with our agile systems..

Our reputation for adaptability, paired with an acute understanding of our clientele’s needs, is the crux of why businesses trust us.

Designed with versatility at its core, our bluescape platform offers seamless integration capabilities with other niche solutions, blending effortlessly into your prevailing tech infrastructure. Its modular design ensures adaptability, mirroring the ever-evolving needs of your business.