bluescape:lite - the perfect solution for new, small and start-up MGA's

Affordable Insurance Software for smaller MGA's and Insurers

Bluescape Lite is an out of the box cloud-based MGA platform with all the basic functionality an MGA would need to operate its business operations. This new solution and the accompanying method of assembly significantly reduce the time and cost for a company to set themselves up on a tailored MGA platform.

Everything You Need

It is the perfect affordable solution for start-up MGAs who are looking to go-live with a web-based platform that has the right functionality for them to get their business going and are happy to introduce change and enhancement later when the business has started scaling,

The difference between bluescape and bluescape lite is the breadth of functionality available and the extent to which it can be enhanced and expanded.

All we need is straightforward product and company information which we request initially and then use to configure the bluescape lite platform and within a couple of months you are up and running.

It is suitable for MGAs that underwrite broker-based business and provides a branded broker portal as standard and simple dashboards for business management.



Bluescape Lite is aimed at MGAs that sell wholesale via brokers or direct to business customers. It includes a rich set of typical underwriting management functions including:

  • Sanctions checking

  • Automatic rating and underwriting rules

  • Handling referrals, endorsements, excesses, section limits etc.

  • Claims movement capture

  • Document repository, generation, upload, and email distribution

Unrivalled Flexibility

The difference with bluescape lite is that you are not restricted in what you can and cannot do to the platform once you are live. You can have change when you want it, not have to wait an inordinately long time, or not have it at all, such is the case with alternate providers.

Bluescape Lite customers enjoy comprehensive support via our web-based help desk which extends across the whole spectrum of support activity from user assistance and training through defect resolution to minor configuration changes.

Overall, bluescape lite provides an affordable, rich, flexible platform with many of the benefits that can only be found with more expensive platforms. It allows you to start small and as your business starts to reach the appropriate scale, we can transition you from bluescape lite to full bluescape, ensuring that your IT platform grows as you do.

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