We recently exhibited at the TINtech 2013 technology conference. There were some excellent speakers and some very informed attendees. There were also multitudes of technology companies all with very similar marketing messages – quicker; better; smarter.

As a software company, we develop technology that does amazing things and can deliver outstanding results. Our website pays testament to our skill and expertise but our challenge is to stand out from the crowd and persuade customers that we are actually different from the rest.

I think the big differentiator is not the technology, but trust and integrity. There have been volumes written about trust. As proof, in just 22 seconds, Google returns 119,000,000 results to the search ‘the importance of trust’. Words are cheap though, it is actions that are important. The way we treat our customers is based around three objectives:

  • Deliver ‘service led’ solutions. We’re told time and time again that Customer Service is important, but in a bleak economic climate many Companies are too tempted to focus on other things and let service slip. Not us. We are determined to maintain our creativity and uncompromising commitment to delivering service excellence. The service culture is evident at every level of our company.
  • Understand our customers. We know that trust comes from giving our customers confidence that we have the correct skills and expertise and really understand their business. We work with them not only to get the best out of our software, but also to share our experience and sometimes just provide a different point of view.
  • Build true partnerships. We genuinely share the goals of our customers. It is important to us that we always ‘add value’ to a project and take responsibility for contributing towards business success.

Nothing I have written here is new but that does not make it any less valuable. To quote the current Yorkshire Building Society advert ‘Trust isn’t something that you can buy, it’s something you earn over many years.’ As mentioned before, words are cheap but we are determined that our actions do the talking.