Technology is about pushing the boundaries, about innovating – in fact to misquote Captain Kirk (and please forgive the grammar!) ‘… boldly going where no man has gone before‘. But new is not always better.

Cloud computing is a current case in point. Take these articles:

Stormy weather could be on the horizon for cloud computing as security experts warn not enough is being done to make sure one of the hottest IT trends is safe…

2010 March 12: CNN Tech –

2011 June 01: Citywire Global –

Storm-related outages at an Amazon data center in Ashburn prompted some congressional officials on Monday to question whether the federal government is moving too swiftly to put important data on private-sector cloud computing servers…

2012 July 03: The Washington Post –

So just a few cautionary tales spread over the last two years, all with the same question – ‘is Cloud Computing safe?

Our view:

Cloud Technology, like every other form of new technology carries risks. So as a software supplier, one of our responsibilities is to help our clients understand the risks and make sure that together we mitigate them appropriately.

In terms of the Cloud, providers price their plans based on the reliability required by customers. The most expensive plans obviously involve more safeguards. This approach is true throughout the world of technology. The solution needs to meet both the requirements of the business and the risk to the business of infrastructure failure. We make sure both are considered.