Auto Insurance Software

In today’s fast-paced car insurance landscape, managing your processes effectively is crucial to stay ahead.

Total Systems offers auto insurance software solutions to MGAs and insurers that integrate various aspects of auto insurance management to help our customers grow their digital visibility, reduce costs, and provide a seamless experience.

Our flexible approach is specifically designed to meet the needs of a range of auto insurers and has the objective of:

● Modernising the entire insurance lifecycle
● Support multi-channel distribution
● Deliver insurance as a service
● Help you bring multiple products to market
● Help to support subscription-based auto insurance solutions
● Innovate traditional auto insurance models
● Become a customer-focused auto insurance provider

Great job by your guys - can't praise them enough!

IT Project Manager, Zurich Insurance plc

Car Insurance Quoting Software

The UK car insurance industry constantly evolves, so delivering accurate quotes is critical to your insurance business.

Car insurance quotation requirements are shifting rapidly. From the emergence of AI to monitor driver behaviour to the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road, car insurance providers must constantly evolve their quotes to reflect this changing market.

Our Auto Insurance Quoting Software simplifies the process of generating and managing your quotes.  It allows you to quickly bring new products to market, such as pay-as-you-go models or other tailored solutions.

bluescape:quote is designed to provide complete flexibility for personal lines and increase opportunities for brokers, MGAs and insurers.


Underwriting Software for auto insurance

Agility in underwriting decisions can be pivotal for your operations.

Our underwriting software, bluescape, is an insurance software solution that significantly quickens your launch speed, empowering teams to configure, examine, and introduce new rating and underwriting guidelines, procedures, and rates without many of the usual IT development hold-ups.

With its user-friendly, windows-based configuration utilities, altering your rating and underwriting rules is simple. This ensures you can configure, test, and implement new rating directives, sequences, and pricing strategies with little to no development disruption.

bluescape is crafted to handle even the most intricate underwriting processes and scenarios, thereby notably minimising human errors.

Benefits include

  • A Broker Portal for Broker Self-service
  • User-controlled rates, rules, tables & algorithms
  • User-governed underwriting rules, including referrals, endorsements, section limits, and excesses.
  • Thorough testing suite for business users
  • Advanced back-office underwriting suite
  • KPI Dashboards Dynamic document creation, handling, and administration by transaction type


Why Choose Total Systems as your car insurance software provider?

For more than 50 years, Total Systems has helped the insurance industry to thrive, using our agile and adaptable approach.

Our reputation for truly listening to our customer needs and offering genuinely tailored solutions has seen Total Systems evolve into one of the leading tech providers in niche insurance industries.

Our bluescape platform has been designed to offer complete flexibility to integrate with other niche solutions and adapt easily into your existing tech stack. Its modular design gives you the ability to adapt as your business changes.