Share Transfer and Registration

The company’s shares have not been traded on any stock market since 2010 and apart from presenting valuation difficulties this has certain tax consequences as briefly described below. Consequently, those wishing to transfer shares by way of a gift or legacy should always take independent professional advice before making any decision.

A shareholder wishing to make a lifetime gift of shares should complete and sign a share transfer form (obtainable from a law stationers or on-line), including the stamp duty declaration that no consideration is being paid. This should be sent with the share certificate(s) to the Company Secretary at 394 City Road, EC1V 2QA. If shares are to be transferred to beneficiaries as a result of a death the executor(s) (or administrator where probate is not being obtained) should similarly sign the transfer form and declaration and send this with certificate(s) plus a copy of the death certificate and sealed copy of the Grant of Probate. No stamp duty is payable on a gift of shares either during lifetime or on death.

Those shareholders who have found a willing purchaser at an agreed price should complete and sign a transfer form. The buyer should send this to HMRC with payment for the appropriate stamp duty if the consideration given for the transfer is more than £1,000. The stamped form together with the share certificate(s) should then be forwarded to the Company Secretary for re-registration.

In any situation where a completed share transfer form is not accompanied by the necessary share certificate(s) a signed indemnity will be required before any transfer can be registered.

Anyone interested in either selling or purchasing shares may contact the Company Secretary giving details of the number of shares involved and an acceptable price per share. A record will be kept of any such interested persons and it may be possible to find a willing purchaser or vendor. However, this cannot be guaranteed and the company is also unable to give any advice on share valuation.

September 21st 2020

Warning to Total Systems plc shareholders

A number of our shareholders have been contacted recently by an organisation claiming to be representing a third party interested in acquiring shares in Total Systems plc.

Neither the directors nor the major shareholders have been in any discussions that might lead to a sale of the company and if you are approached about this great care should be taken.  In no circumstances should a shareholder be persuaded to part with any money in advance or sell shares without taking independent professional advice.

If you are contacted and are in any doubt please telephone our Company secretary Peter Jamieson on 020 7294 4888.

March 7th 2019